A downloadable game for Windows

Deep Origo
Created for Junction 2017 Game Jam by
Samuli Jääskeläinen @Zhamul
Carl-Anthon Kranck &
Antti Ruonala

How to play
You use rumbling controller to feel the world.
Using Steam Controller by adding game as 3rd party Steam app is highly recommended.
You can use both stick to feel and dpad or abxy to move.
Mouse is used to press buttons and interact with the panel.

Your professor went for a journey to the core of the earth.
He never came back, so you went looking for him.
You took an old science vessel with limited sensoring abilities
and started your own journey.


V2 includes minor bug fixes, ui tweaks and adds recommended Steam Controller profile. It is done after jam, based on player feedback.


DeepOrigo.zip 47 MB
DeepOrigo-v2.7z 40 MB


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The archive file is empty.

You are correct, I blame my sleep deprecated self from yesterday for that. I uploaded a zip that actually contains the game now!