Double Cooked V1.1 out!

Version 1.1 is ready.

This fixes minor issues with original jam game and re balances how food items are generated for players and customers. Now all customers want different foods and players are guaranteed to get new foods every drop.

We are also working on physical copies on the game for fun.


DoubleCooked V 1.1 [Pal Mega Drive Rom] 152 kB
Sep 05, 2018

Get Double Cooked [Mega Drive/Genesis]


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Hi! For all that want give a try to this game:

A (flip pan 1)

B (flip pan 2)

C (flip pan 3)

You need to command A/B/C + up/down/left/right to make an action.

So, to deliver a fish to the consumers, when the fish fall, press A+right (fish go for pan 2), so B+right (fish go to pan 3) and C+right (fish go to trash) or C+up (delive the fish to consumer)...

I wanted to put this here because the commands to not seam's very intuitive for me...

You can also download the print materials. They include a manual. I agree, the game is quite confusing if you don't know what the buttons do. :)