A downloadable rom

Intense cooking battle game for Mega Drive.
Created during Assembly Summer 2018 Demo Party.

How to Play

Load game to your Pal Mega Drive or an emulator.
Press START to begin game.

Tap A, B or C to flip food.
Hold A, B or C to do various actions with d-pad:
Up: Serve food
Left/Right: Swap foo
Down: Hold to turn off stove

Team Members

Samuli Jääskeläinen (code)
Miika Pelkonen (code & sfx)
Thiyagarajan Manihatty Bojan (code)
Juha Korhonen (music & art)
Jari Miranda (art)
Pyry Takkunen (art)


DoubleCooked V 1.1 [Pal Mega Drive Rom] 152 kB
Double Cooked V 1.0 [Pal Mega Drive Rom] 152 kB
Source code + print materials 80 MB

Development log

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