A downloadable game for Windows

Murder mystery on a soviet train.

Created for YYA Game Jam in 48 hours.

Published 13 days ago
Release date Jun 15, 2014
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsFirst-Person, Mystery
Average sessionAbout an hour


GrimExpress.zip 23 MB


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Game was sooo fun! I'm definitely noooooo Detective though...

A classic murder mystery! This was well made. I loved how it looked, and apparently it wasn't as easy as I thought. Great work :D

This game is very funny :D nice story and cool grafic ^^ i love it!

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My thanks to the developers for their amazing game. It fun, and so entertaining for me. I really liked the story and the changes.

So I making a video of your game, but I don't even know how to exit it. I even used control delete and your game becomes unresponsive and then I can't even click my task manager and eventually I had to just shut off my computer. Tried several times with the same issue. Love the setup of the game though, but I think it's important that I note this. Please don't take my comment as critical or harsh, just needed some help with how to get out of this game.


Alt+F4  is global Windows hotkey to shut down the current process. You can use it to quit the game. 

You are correct, that it should quit more easily, ie. use escape. I usually add esc to quit to my jam games nowdays.

Thank you so much for your reply. Currently I am making a video of your game, hopefully you will like it. I had a fascinating time playing it.

This was really good for a 48 hour made game. Looked nice and with lots of questions and things to find and work out. Really great... :)