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Entry for N64brew Game Jame 2020

It's a Bumpin', Boomin', Blastin' Beatoff! The mythical Super Percussion Cousins collide in this ultimate showdown of whippiness and cunning! Up to four players can choose their favorite animal face - complete with their own color - and go at it in Survival mode and last-mask-standing Battles. Or beat away at angry masks that would rather have you quiet in single-player mode. Either way, Kumi-Daiko Beatoff 64 is a no-barrels-held brawl that will keep you coming back for more!

  • Whip out your instrument and bust into battle with your favorite mask: Fox, Cat, Owl or Monkey! ...not that there’s any mechanical difference.
  • Hit a mask with a high-velocity drum to beat some life out of it!
  • Avoid other players’ whipping instruments & use your drum as a shield!
  • Compete in the state of the art 64-bit arena until the end of time, having fun whackin’ with everyone you love!

Game modes:

  • Survival: 1-4 players – destroy angry masks
  • Battle: 2-4 players - fight against other players


  • D-pad: Menu selection
  • A: Select game mode
  • Stick: Move player
  • Start: Stop round

Credits – Team Riistahillo:

  • Samuli Jääskeläinen @Zhamul
  • Petteri Timonen
  • Pyry Takkunen @DevinTappy
  • RufioV

Install instructions

Compatible with both PAL and NTSC N64 consoles using EverDrive-64 X7.
Works on Project 64 emulator. Gamepad with a stick is recommend for controlling.


Kumi-Daiko Beatoff 64 [N64 Rom] 1 MB
Source code


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What engine did you use to make this game?

None. We just used the Ultra 64 sdk directly.

Here is a good starting point for N64 development: https://n64squid.com/homebrew/

OK, thx

So it's supposed to have Nintendo 64 graphics?

It is a game for N64, so yes, it has N64 graphics. :)

Does it work on the actual console?

Yes. On both PAL and NTCS consoles. If you don't have an access to play roms on actual hardware Project64 emulator runs the game ok as well. Screenshots and videos are from the emulator as its easier to record.

Oh, alright.