A downloadable game

Dive into the delicious world of Lollihop!

  • Collect juicy fruits
  • Jump through three different worlds
  • For Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
  • Requires Gamepad

From Ludum Dare / Oculus Share DK2 submission to a full blown little game, we're happy to present Lollihop to anyone looking for a bite-sized, diabetes-inducing, short and sweet little game. Now with updated gameplay and more levels!


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This is a really fun  game. I love the unexpected character being a platypus. I'm just wondering if  it's possible there can be a camera follow that moves up with you? I'm not sure if this is normal or just my own issue but when I start jumping up sometimes I can't see unless I stand up (from my seat). It would be great if it follows you like Lucky's tale does. Also if I can use the touch controllers (rift) regardless of any actual touch being used would be great. I hope this see a full release sometime in the future. Great job guys!