A downloadable rom

Poopster is a poopy blaastformer for Game Boy. Balance between eating and pooping and boost your way further in the playground.

Samuli Jääskeläinen, Pekka Kujansuu

Pyry Takkunen, Julia Rässa, Jari Miranda

Arttu Kurttila, Juho Korhonen


Poopster [Game Boy Rom] 17 kB
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can you make a longer version of poopster and  have a strory or  have level  have a ending/goal thing


I will not make any promises but Poopster 2 should be made... :-)

this game is way way to short lol. funny  game in a way but it  to short

Its a free jam game made in a weekend for shits and giggles! Don't expect too much, if it made you laugh we succeeded. :D

well it made happy  but feel like  it  short and more like a one level 1 demo what you can,t even beat the level and can,t even lose or win. so not much a game of can,t even win or lose  and even beat just move around  a level what  you can,t beat.  

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what is the fastest time got to the end in the game