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Rievssat is a short, narrative alt control game developed during the Sami Game Jam in Utsjoki, over a weekend of February 2018. Two assigned themes served as inspiration for the developers: Strangers in Their Own Land and The People of Eight Seasons.

Using a leap motion controller and an acceleration pedal, the game allows the player to control a willow ptarmigan (riekko) – a bird native to Northern Europe. By flying through the Sami land and collecting food, the player experiences the environment’s transition throughout the eight seasons. 

But it is not only the nature that changes with time. Each season represents more human interference and challenges the bird has to adapt to. Trees are being cut down, new buildings rise, taking up the bird’s space and applying new rules to its natural habitat. 

As if the bird doesn’t belong in its own homeland.

Team Members
Asla Guttorm - Effects
Elie Abraham - Audio
Leevi Halonen - Audio, Pedal controller
Magoda Wegiel - 3D Art
Nigá Aikio - Narrative, Voice acting and Level Design
Samuli Jääskeläinen - Producer and Coder
Sofi Kurtti - 3D Art and Animation
Zuzanna Buchowska - Narrative and 3D Art


Rievssat [Gamepad] 130 MB
Rievssat [Leap Motion + Pedal] 129 MB

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